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North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) Scientific Program and Highlights

January 25, 2017

This meeting was quite productive, and my oral presentation on Delayed Hypersensitivity Response to Tecothane During Lumbar Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial: an Unexpected Complication was very well received. It was observed that this was the only occurrence of this type since the development of this technology over thirty years ago. As a physician, our goal is always to promote patient safety and by doing so bring to light research to that end. Despite pursuing private practice I am privileged by the opportunity to contribute to our fund of medical knowledge. 


By clicking on the poster, my slides from the presentation I gave on January 20th, 2017.




I was honored to also present two other abstracts at this meeting, which also piqued interest in the concept and further development of "hybrid" neuromodulation systems. Applying this technology, with the results I was fortunate enough to obtain will hopefully spur further development of systems to help recreate these results on a larger scale. Overheard at the meeting was the interest of the larger manufacturers of these devices to develop systems such as these that had been trialed successfully in my practice.


In treating very challenging chronic pain conditions, application of cutting edge technology with an understanding of the anatomy and pathophysiology helps obtain the best possible outcome. In this presentation, significant relief was obtained with the addition of a second, different type of neuromodulation system. I am planning to present a follow up of this case when the patient goes for permanent implantation.






This was an especially challenging case,as the patient's symptoms had resulted from previous trauma and had limited response to other measures taken to address her symptoms. Follow up after permanent implantation will be essential in ascertaining the long term benefits of such "hybrid systems" in the future.






There were many other excellent presentations at the meeting, please browse the schedule below by clicking on the picture to view some of the exciting research brought forth during this meeting.
















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